Mojo Dojo Holistc Foods

Positive food = positive energy

Mojo Dojo Holistic Foods is specialist in creating clean anti-inflammatory food catering to most dietary requirements, including coeliac, vegan, keto, and paleo. We know what's in our food.

Our kitchen is 100% gluten free , refined sugar free and refined oil free .

Serving a brunch menu , cabinet food and artisan and organic products.

There is no right or wrong when making better choices for your health and we are here to support those choices . Information is free , so join us for a chat and maybe a superfood latte or smoothie. And don’t forget to bring in your fur baby for a puppuccino in our relaxed friendly environment.

My Story

After 34 years as a chef in the hospitality industry in Rotorua (born and bred) the bay of plenty and an Australian adventure I started to question is our purpose to line our pockets and collect taxes without any real care for our communities or environment? I think not!!

My own health lead me down the rabbit hole of researching better health choices where I learned a multitude of common health issues are caused by the foods we consume. Cancer, heart disease, dementia and obesity are predominantly caused by our lifestyle choices. We can prevent and sometimes heal some of these through our food choices. Mum said the easiest way to clean up a mess is not make one 😃

I now have a very simple philosophy!

Try not to eat foods that cause inflammation and consume more foods with anti-inflammatory properties.

At Mojo Dojo Holistic Foods I intend to beat my little drum to share what I have learnt to support my whānau and community simply because it's the right thing to do.

Better choices = Better life!


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