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Experienced hairdresser here to empower wahine

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Kiaora everyone!


So….this is me Adonna and I’m the owner of Alluring Hair 😊 with me, I have my youngest baba of 4 she’s now 2 years old and is part of my pride and joy! My little princess brightens up every sad and dull moment To get into the hairdressing side of things, I have been in the industry for around 20 years, I started my journey when I was 15 (school is not for everyone) I have worked in several hair salons in Rotorua, and have managed to pick up a lot of knowledge in the industry from amazing stylists throughout. Hairdressing has, Is, and always will be my passion, when I’m not busy with my babies I put my all into my work ensuring that all of my clients are satisfied with the outcome.

My journey in the last 2 years or so has been a major trial for me, but I have come through on top, and taken those experiences as a learning curve, remembering everything that has been achieved to keep positive vibes. I have also allowed myself to get deeper in my relationship with god to guide me through my trials as best as I can 🙏🙌 😊

I am grateful to all my amazing clients who have continued to support me, and I look forward to meeting new clients.

Thanks a Milly




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