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Become a part of our intimate gym community

 Offering limited memberships to ensure a safe and low-key training environment

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Go 360

Experience the convenience of our gym with limited memberships, where you'll never have to wait in line for equipment!

Achieve Fitness by embracing a deliberate and mindful exercise routine. Reduce stress hormones and body fat through a slower pace, accompanied by soothing music, fewer individuals, and ample space – real results for your mind, body, and spirit. It's a holistic approach to treating your entire self.

Fitness Facilities



Our gym boasts a comprehensive range of exercise machines, weights, and a dedicated matted area for core work or stretching. Immerse yourself in an inclusive environment that welcomes members of all ages and backgrounds, celebrating individuality and supporting your unique fitness journey.



​As a full-service facility, we offer treadmills, cross-trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, leg presses, bench presses, free weights, and more


​At gO360, you'll find changing rooms equipped with private showers, hair dryers, and styling mirrors – facilitating a seamless workout before work or during your lunch break. It's time to prioritize your well-being in a setting that caters to your fitness needs.



Our infrared sauna harnesses heat energy that deeply penetrates tissues, catalyzing the mobilization of chemicals from fat storage into the bloodstream and ultimately into sweat. This process aids in detoxification, 

Infrared Therapy
Music Therapy
Colour Therapy


Sauna Experience - Four Therapies in One Session:

● 5 concessions: $100.00
● Individual use: $25.00

Please note: This service is exclusively available to gym members. Immerse yourself in the holistic benefits of our infrared sauna for a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.


Sauna Experience

The Infrared sauna uses heat energy that penetrates the deeper tissue.


This triggers the molulisation of chemicals from fat storage into the blood stream and finally in to sweat to help with the detoxification process for overall wellness & diseases.

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Ultimate Fat Burner

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Stress Relief

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Chronic Pain Relief

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Chemical Sensitivity

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Chronic Fatigue

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Those who don't tan naturally outdoors are unlikely to tan from a tanning device.

Always wear protective eyewear to prevent severe burns or long-term eye injuries

Avoid overexposure to prevent eye and skin injury, allergic reactions, photoaging, and skin cance

Certain medications and products may increase sensitivity to UV rays


Sunbed Sessions:

BEFORE PURCHASING A SESSION, PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Our goal is to keep you well-informed about tanning, including operating the equipment and proper procedures in the tanning room. Our staff will explain everything, and you're encouraged to ask questions.

● 10 concessions: $120.00
● Individual use: $15.00


Sunbed Experience

Achieve and maintain that sun-kissed glow throughout the year with our variety of tanning solutions.

Important Sunbed Information: Before purchasing a tanning session, carefully review the following details

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Tanning units emit ultraviolet radiation.

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Exposure to ultraviolet radiation contributes to skin aging and the risk of skin cancer

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Avoid intentional tanning unit exposure 48 hours before and after sunlight or tanning unit exposure.

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Protective eyewear is mandatory during tanning unit sessions.

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Individuals with fair skin prone to burning are not permitted to use tanning units.

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Users must be over 18 years old.

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Additional risks apply if you have a history of solar keratoses, skin cancer, numerous moles, freckles, childhood sunburn, abnormal reactions to light, or if you are pregnant or using certain medications.


Nataria (Nat)

Qualified Personal and group Trainer

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Power plate vibrational training

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Small group training

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Personal training one on one

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Boxfit small groups min 4


  • A person training for 45 min a $60 one-off

  • Kickstart package 5 sessions at $200.

  • Groups of 4 $20 pp a session

  • Power plate package and training

Call or text -0211141238

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